Our Platform

Leak Detection & Backed Up Drain Detection at Your Fingertipsā€¦

The Aquazen user-friendly platform gives you the data to know how much water is being wasted at your property, or when a leak is present, or even when a backed up drain is happening. Get instant notifications and scroll through any functions without getting confused.

Our dedicated team of IOT experts combined with our field technicians is what makes the Aquazen platform incredibly unique. With instant notifications and time stamped occurrences, Aquazen is dedicated to ensuring that we bring the best value to our end customer.

A unit owner has leaky fixtures? Were on it! Let the Aquazen platform keep you informed and up to date on any leaky fixtures.

A kitchen drain is backing up? Well do not worry, the Aquazen platform will let you know!

A leak is happening? We got you! The Aquazen platform has detected the leak and is sending out notifications!

Need to shut the water? We can do that to!

The Aquazen platform can communicate to our automatic shut off valves, and save what could result in thousands of dollars in flood damages.

The internet of things is making it possible to manage our everyday products and Aquazen Systems is dedicated to harnessing the power of IOT and preserving our precious resource, while preserving infrastructure by mitigating water damage.

The future of water is hereā€¦

  • Get instant notifications
  • Invite other building management
  • Collaborate with service vendor
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • User friendly experience
  • Get energy efficiency tips
  • Have peace of mind