About Us

Our mission at Aquazen Services and Aquazen Systems is to preserve water and wastewater infrastructure, while taking advantage of the latest technology to manage water consumption and mitigate water damage caused by everyday plumbing products.

Aquazen Systems is designed by plumbers, continuously working in the field with hopes of bringing awareness to the poor water habits that are common in the commercial and high-rise residential buildings. When hundreds, or even thousands of people are using water within a given property it used to be almost impossible to implement proper water habits, however taking advantage of low powered, wide networks across the globe, Aquazen Systems can make your plumbing smart, and save your bottom dollar.

In approximately 25 years, our worlds water will decrease by 26% while our population will increase by 36%
Aquazen Systems is dedicated to preserving our precious resource by giving you the data you need to implement good water saving practices. As our population grows our water will get harder and harder to manage and with our world innovating in so many way, its so crucial for our planet that we continue to focus on one of our most important and most precious resource.

Mustafa R